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      • Reposted from Petrolhead95 by Benjamin D'Arcy

        watch a vauxhall corsa destroy a gt-r

        should of - been - quicker

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        Personality Quiz: Are you more Clarkson, Hammond or May?

        Are you a fan of the Dacia Duster, the Audi Q2 or the Land Rover Evoque?

      • Reposted from GT Nation by Benjamin D'Arcy

        This moment made us all fall in love with clarkson

        top gear didn't always make you laugh. Sometimes it did the opposite, and we loved it for that.

      • Reposted from Poddy Mallett by Benjamin D'Arcy

        10 Hilarious copycat cars from China

        A list of 10 knock-off cars made in China

      • Reposted from Poddy Mallett by Benjamin D'Arcy

        100 Yellow cars show up in support of 'ugly' Corsa

        A convoy of over 100 yellow cars descended on the cotswolds in support of a yellow Corsa that was blamed for '...

      • Reposted from Lol Cars by Benjamin D'Arcy

        The most comfortable crash ever?

        Man gets knocked off motor bike and saved by a mattress

      • Reposted from Everything Technical by Benjamin D'Arcy

        F1: why no overtaking and are bigger wings the answer?

        Why do modern f1 cars struggle to overtake? its to do with highly loaded wings & aero surfaces forced by years...

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        Lots of news for the beginning of April...

        Literally several Car manufacturers have all coincidentally chosen a SATURDAY in early spring to reveal terrib...

      • Reposted from Wheelie Good Stuff by Benjamin D'Arcy

        Top 15 worst car names

        How did the marketing team let these through the net?!

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        Reposted from Lol Cars by Benjamin D'Arcy

        Watch Hammond and May try to build Lego cars while downing shots