Opel Tribe

Opel Tribe

A tribe dedicated to one of the greats. Opel somewhow always remains underrated.

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    Spotted a cool classic a while ago, Opel GT (68-73) Pretty cool car if you ask me!

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    Spotted: Opel GT

    Now that's what I call a rarity! Sadly the shot isn't up to the usual standard as it's shot on my own little C...

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    A car which proved that only flying is more beautiful

    This little Opel is 50 years old, and it deserves to be remembered

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    A Love Letter To The Opel Insignia OPC.

    Am I the only one noticing you? Insignia, you may not be the prettiest, nor the smartest, nor the most athleti...

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    Whatever Happened To The Vauxhall Astra VXR Extreme?

    More like something out of an Orwellian distopia, the Extreme has vanished so effectively, it's pretty much an...

  • You know, with some stickers, perhaps even strenuously accumulated over some lengthy period of time, can be ki...