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  • Reposted from THE GUNKSTER ZONEドクター塊 by Sunny Lam

    5 Reasons why the Skoda Karoq is not a worthy successor to the Skoda Yeti

    Can the Karoq live up to it's brother's name? Can it uphold the impressive reputation of the Yeti? Let's find ...

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    Grass Roots Racing

    I took in the Merritt Off Road Track Day, and loved it. It lacked organization, but made up for it in fun.

  • Reposted from Skoda by Sunny Lam

    Why this Skoda Yeti is the only sleeper car you'll ever need

    How to use something that only a granny will drive to beat supercars? You buy a Skoda Yeti of course!

  • Reposted from Skoda by Sunny Lam

    Why getting a Skoda Yeti in Hong Kong is harder than you think...

    'I have to accept reality...' That's what my brain told my heart. 'And I won't,' says my heart.

  • Reposted from THE CAR TALK by Sunny Lam

    How cars taught me multiple languages

    Strangely effective way of learning...

  • Reposted from Jdm by Sunny Lam

    Why the Toyota TJ Cruiser is the perfect car that nobody asked for

    The perfect car? Really? Yes. Hear me out.

  • Reposted from THE CAR TALK by Sunny Lam

    Why a Skoda Yeti is 100 times better than a Fiat Panda 100hp

    Let me answer this question that nobody asked...even if the Yeti is beige.

  • Reposted from The Traveller by Sunny Lam

    3 things that my first ever break down taught me.

    It's more educating than it is punishing...I'm told.

  • Reposted from Electric Explorer by Arkady Fiedler

    A journey from socket to socket.

    First ever trip across Africa in an electric car

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    In preparation for an upcoming weekend away in the western hills Just outside of Brisbane (Australia), I thoug...