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Chris Lynd
Haven’t got time to post some polls here, will do some soon!
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  • LOCK THE GATES! Poll Nation has reached 1K awesome users and 1 that is just ok. πŸ™Œ
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  • CoNtRoVerSY: Is electric the future of hypercars? Poll by - VOTE NOW OR ELON MUSK WILL KISS YOU WHILE YOU SLEEP @tribe
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  • Never voting.
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    Uzair Ahmed
    that's one way to avoid any struggle within oneself. I mean, it's hard saying bye to petrol, or accepting electric as future.
    Uzair Ahmed
    Although HyperCard, shouldn't be going electric, if hp wars are gonna continue. How much more can you squeeze out of combustion engine
    Uzair Ahmed
    JK you're still broke! Oh no :(
    Well, I'm broke...
    Ma ybe you're not.
    In that case, can I have 5 moneys to buy a Big Mac?
    Soban FAIZ
    Hey Patricia you have 3m dollars in spare I need to buy a Koeingseg Jesko
    I wish, I'd buy a lot of Big Macs and an i8.
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