Porsche 997

  • W​ho needs a new Porsche 911 when you can own this

    T​he Porsche type 997 is all the 911 you need. I love mine!

  • F​arewell to Auto Amateurs Porsche 997

    Shoutout to J​ames at Auto Amateur who has sold his Porsche 997 Carrera and replaced it with a 991 Carrera.

  • P​orsche 997 Carrera and GT3 on the open road in Australia

    I​s the Putty Road in NSW Australia one of the best Porsche driving roads?

  • T​his is why I own a Porsche 997 Carrera

    S​o I am back in Sydney, Australia and back in my Porsche 911. This is why I love this car!

  • T​he ultimate Porsche 997: the GT3RS 4.0

    T​he most sought after model of the 997 generation, apart from the 911 Sport Classic, would have to be the GT3...

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    Some of you would know I have a small YouTube channel. My content is evolved to be mainly focused on my Porsch...

  • P​orsche 997 - the next classic 911

    T​he Porsche 997 is the 6th generation 911 and now on its way to classic Porsche status. Porsche Passion! #997...

  • I​ am leaving the Porsche 911 in Australia

    Time to leave the Porsche 911 in Sydney and head back to London. It has been a good Aussie summer with the 997...

  • The P​orsche Carrera 997: the essence of a 911

    T​he production of the Porsche 997 Carrera and Carrera S began in 2004. Some fifteen years later you would hav...

  • How to care for your Porsche 911 wheels

    Time for another Porsche Video. Today, spurred on by a question I had earlier in the week about how I care and...