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  • Personality Quiz: What car are you getting for Christmas?

    It's the 4th day of Quizmas! Have you been naughty or nice?

  • The great V12 quiz – 3rd day of Quizmas – 12 engines

    The better your score, the better your V12 wallpaper reward!

  • 2nd day of Quizmas: Can you match the model to the make?

    Ho Ho Ho my god it's day 2 of Quizmas. Match the make to the model!

  • Reposted from F1 Quizzes by Rob Burnett

    Quiz: Can you name the F1 driver just from their eyes?

    They are all famous names from Formula 1, but can you identify them from these close ups?

  • 1st day of Quizmas: Can you name the Rudolphed car?

    🎶On the first day of Quizmas, James King gave to me… a Rudolph quiz that's not easy🎶

  • Personality Quiz: What's your '90s Euro weapon?

    Let's take a trip back to when cars peaked… the '90s. Find out your Euro '90s weapon.

  • Reposted from The FUN Tribe! by James King

    Higher or Lower? Can you guess how much Horsepower these cars have?|Quiz | Game

    Simple Higher or Lower game! Is the car more Powerful than the one before? or is it not?

  • Quiz: The ultimate German car quiz - Das ist für Experten

    New year's resolution: Learn more about German cars…

  • Reposted from USA Drivetribe by James King

    Quiz: How well do you know these American badges?

    A lot of letters are thrown around to denote what trim level your car has. But do you know what the letters s...

  • Personality Quiz: What engine are you?

    Find out your spirit engine. Are you a proper Wankel or a 2JZ

  • Reposted from Engineering Quizzes by James King

    Can you guess the right fun facts?

    There are many cars that are famous for little details that drive the petrolhead world insane as well as their...

  • Quiz: Can you identify these everyday cars? – The test of a true petrolhead

    If you can identify all of these cars, you're as sad as me.

  • Personality Quiz: What's your winter warrior?

    Before the snow kicks in, find out your warrior to battle the elements

  • I guarantee I can guess how many attempts it took to pass your driving test

    Just 10 questions and I can tell exactly how many attempts it took you to pass your test

  • Reposted from HOT WHEEL RIDES by James King

    The hardest Alfa Romeo quiz you shall ever take

    20 questions to test your petrolheadness to the limit of thinking

  • World's hardest quiz - FINALE - Part V

    My final attempt to get zero 100% results from you guys. 25 Pictures - Difficulty: Final Boss. *PLAYS DRAMATIC...

  • World's hardest JDM quiz

    I've been pretty ridiculously mean with these, so don't feel bad with 30%

  • Reposted from Home Of F1 by James King

    Personality Quiz: Which legendary racing driver are you?

    Answer these questions and find out if you're more Senna or McRae

  • Personality Quiz: Find out what your Nurburgring weapon is

    Some of you might be luckier than others… 😂

  • Quiz: Can you identify the country from the license plate?

    Take a world tour… in numberplate form

  • Personality Quiz: Which classic Porsche 911 are you?

    Are you a bit of a widow-maker or a more classy affair?