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John Campion
if you can't find a Panda I will happily take an Abarth 500 or an Alfa Giulia QV
Ultima gtr
Charles North
"How much do you know about North's Auto Reviews? Get a 100% And find out" via @DRIVETRIBE drivetribe.com/p/how-much-do-you-know-about-norths-AYFU_gGFRDueqx7I3ji4Jw?iid=FZW2FtjBTPWGYt0XXedn0A
Les Whitfield
Some of those were sheer guesses, including the one I got wrong. Surprised myself with that one.
Toby Brewster
What are you doing tonight
Kamil Hope
yesterday 11:03am
Well not quite Mclaren
Luca Wagner
yesterday 11:09am
That’s almost a McLaren Senna xD
Stian Urskognes
yesterday 11:09am
Luca Wagner
yesterday 11:10am
My father owns one of these with the exact same rims lol
Stian Urskognes
yesterday 11:12am
Hahaha i diden have these rims, i dident have a photo of my first car on this phone
Ian Farquhar
yesterday 11:16am
This was my 1st, '83 Corolla Deluxe 5 spd manual
Немања Тешић
yesterday 11:26am
This is my love. 😋
Les Whitfield
yesterday 1:10pm
Nailed it 😎
James King
yesterday 2:04pm
I love that
James King
yesterday 2:04pm
mean machine
Mitko Kostadinov
yesterday 2:22pm
Its a lada niva
did you find a prize for me 😆😆😆
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