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  • 2020 Mustang could get mid-range EcoBoost option with more power

    New document filed by Ford lists a new EcoBoost engine option for the 2020 Mustang.

  • Best Valentine's Day Inspiration: Wife & Husband Track Battle

    Wife (R32) vs husband (Mk1 Golf) playing a bit of tag at Atlantic Motorsport Park in Shubie, NS. Both cars are...

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    911 GT2 RS Clubsport to Start Racing This Summer in Porsche-only race

    Based on the bonkers road-going 911 GT2 RS, the closely related GT2 RS Clubsport is a factory turn-key race ca...

  • If watching this doesn't make you desperately want an E30 M3...

    You either get the E30 M3 or you don't. Few people do, but those who do are madly in love with it. You could c...

  • How well does a Golf Diesel handle a track day?

    The last thing I expected to drive on a track is a completely unmodified little Golf powered by the devil's fu...

  • Nigel Mansell's dominant Red 5 Williams F1 Car is going up for Sale

    It was a technological masterpiece and, due to rule changes, it remains one of the most advanced F1 cars of al...

  • UK vs US: The two most expensive Focus RS's you could buy

    Both cost over $100,000 but they are very different. Which would you rather take home?

  • Brabham BT62 Breaks Bathurst Lap Record

    It beat everything from Australian V8 Supercars, an Audi R8 GT3 Race Cars, to open wheel Formula cars.

  • Why Ford had to 3D Print Ken Block's 914 hp Hoonitruck Intake Manifold

    To make 914 hp, the Gymkhana 1977 Ford F150 Hoonitruck needs A LOT of air for the turbos feeding the 3.5 L Eco...

  • Koenigsegg Regera Incredible Hybrid Tech Could Soon Be Used In Every day Cars

    Koenigsegg and NEVS (the company that owns SAAB car assets) will work together to "break ground into an untapp...

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    Is the Ford GT a worthy successor to the GT40?

    With The Daytona 24 Hour Race just one day away, you should know the answer to this.

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    6 Reasons To Watch The Daytona 24 Hours

    This weekend is a coming together of Motorsport fans around the world as we stare at our screens for 24 Hours ...

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    IMSA: Jarvis, Mazda capture Rolex 24 pole with new track record

    By J.J. O'Malley | RACER.com editor at large

  • Straight Piped V8 Lexus LC500 Goes Through a Tunnel

    The savage noise of a V8 with no mufflers or emission control systems (catalytic converters) through a tunnel....

  • Someone just redesigned the new Supra

    Artist Roman Miah (@romanmiah on Instagram) just redesigned the A90 Supra... dare I say his version looks bett...

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    Watch Kenny Bräck (barely) Tame an Original GT40 in the Rain

    25 original GT40's race at Goodwood Revival 2013 for the GT40's 50th anniversary.

  • More ABT-tuned 530 hp Audi RS4 Avants are Coming

    ABT is building more of the bonkers 530 hp RS4 Avants to be called the RS4+; the encore to the RS4R.