Real Life Landys

  • Reposted from Craigslist Finds by Stuart Robinson

    This farmer's off-road diesel Corvette is now up for sale

    Would you snap this up?

  • Romance of rebuild -Classic Range Rover spangler of sophistication still evident

    1:28:39 minutes running time video, welded stitch in time. 2 feet of rot cut out all round with a can opener t...

  • New defender 007 set carpark - like forgetting to sew arse space into TROUSERS

    Greasey pole - missed opportunity- real bored now hope it works

  • Reposted from Overland and 4x4 by Stuart Robinson

    Is the Mercedes G-Class the last real 4x4 on the market?

    We drove one up an Austrian mountain to find out

  • Reposted from Music Motors by Stuart Robinson

    Is the new Jeep Wrangler still the ultimate 'T-Rex escape machine' in 2019?

    Growing up I remember few cars as prominently as a Jeep Wrangler. Seen on screen giving it beans away from a T...