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I am considering purchasing a 2015 or 16 Clio RS. Any common problems I should know about?
Aimee Scott
Hope you’re having a great weekend @tribe! Remember and share your bank holiday road trips with us 😎🍻
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  • Gab Plncht
    Hello everyone, I'm Gab from Lyon France! this is my first post here! I'm the proud owner of this little baby, a 2001 1.4L 16V Clio2 MK2 ! This is a very sentimental car for me, here is the story, this is my grand mother's old car, when I was 13 she told me when I get my driver's licence, this car will be mine, ten years later, I've past my driver's licence and she give me that car! It's been one year now since I've got this Clio, only 72.000 km on the clock, running perfectly for a 19 years old car! I Want to keep her as long a s I can and try ton find some parts for her (Original rims for exemple) So.. I think that's all, have a good day all ! Cheers
    Hello friends, I’m Ben and this is My 2007 Renault Clio III with the 1.2 16V making 55kw with almost 234 000km on the clock.🙂
    Gerhard Niemand
    My pride and joy. Not an RS... yet😂 2011 Clio 3 1.6 Dynamique
    Niilo Kallio
    Am i a Ricer? Chinese sticker on my -04 1,2 16v Clio #74hvteam #French
    My pride and joy, Renault Clio 2, 2005 , 1.2 16v 55 kw of power. 120000 on clock, not a single major failure.
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