Rob Dickinson And Singer

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    DriveTribe community car of the year 2018 - restomod category

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    Top 10 Coolest Restomods and Reboots that Money Can Buy

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    "Singer? Like the sewing machines?" -random person looking at the DLS

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    911 reimagined by Singer in collaboration with Williams Advanced Engineering

    Everything is important - Rob Dickinson

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    What would you take for your death row drive?

    When faced with execution, if asked what car you'd like to take for a final drive, what would you choose?

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    BEST DESIGN 2018

    Cette année 2018 est une riche année pour l'automobile. A l'approche de cette fin d'année il est temps de fair...

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    The 10 Car Perfect garage - Building The Dream

    Being able to own too many cars is the most fantastic problem you could have. Happily, there's a solution: the...

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    Singer: Awesome Porsche 911 Restomods

    Interview with Rob Dickinson, Founder and Creative Director of Singer Vehicle Design.