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@tribe here’s a look inside my heart and it’s 5 Dream Car Fantasies. I may not be able to buy or drive them in my life but I will love these for my remaining lifetime and it will take a lot of time for this list to change
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    @trobe Check out my latest post on the fresh Mclaren GT. Will it be a match for the Astons and the Bentleys?
    Tejas Kokcha
    Hi guys. Very excited with the arrival of the Toyota Supra? Here are the cars it’ll have to beat to make its mark @tribe
    Tejas Kokcha
    The 911 Speedster is the most delicious Porsche on sale and I want one... Read my opinion about it here @tribe
    Tejas Kokcha
    Check out my new post in Today’s Top News. Keep your wallets ready to have a chance at this collectors item @tribe
    Tejas Kokcha
    Tell me a better ‘barn find’. This can be the best Barn Find not only in Japan but this whole world
    Tejas Kokcha
    Time to sprinkle the comments with the heart emojis @tribe
    Tejas Kokcha
    Check out the plethora of new posts available right now @tribe
    Tejas Kokcha
    @tribe Now we have a new description of the tribe and loads of other stuff. CHeck it out
    Tejas Kokcha
    Hi guys, I and have put in a lot of effort in this project. this is the first post of this series, make sure you check it out @tribe
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