Shifting Lanes

Emma Voltaire
He said I looked rebellious for a motoring journalist... Compliment taken...
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  • Emma Voltaire
    Turn wight now... I mean left...
    Frederic Morin
    Anyone watching the 24 hours of Le Mans
    I am pretty sure that Toyota will win this year
    Take back what they lost in 2016 and 2017
    Murdoc Nicalls
    It was a little too easy for Toyota this year. The only Hybrid cars on the grid that is just unfair to the non hybrids.
    Emma Voltaire
    Daniel likes trains, Daniel was excited, Daniel is 35 years old...
    Emma Voltaire
    Bored of normal racing games, looking for something fresh or relaxing? Try Six Non-conventional racing games you may of not heard of before... (Sorry that the sound cuts out in parts and for my sore throat)
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