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      • Reposted from Jdm by Sunny Lam

        Why Honda owes this Accord a Type R badge

        A Honda Accord with a Type R badge, sounds very interesting to me...

      • Reposted from Skoda by Sunny Lam

        Why this Skoda Yeti is the only sleeper car you'll ever need

        How to use something that only a granny will drive to beat supercars? You buy a Skoda Yeti of course!

      • Reposted from StreetFX Motorsports by Max Bartlett

        Video: That mental Koenigsegg swapped Ford Granada hits the dyno!

        Is 2000hp enough? We think so :)

      • Reposted from Live And Let Drive by Max Bartlett

        Watch as a Porsche 911 driver gets annihilated by a 600bhp Audi Avant sleeper

        If you think that a humble estate car is no match for your 911, think again........

      • Reposted from StreetFX Motorsports by Max Bartlett

        This Ford Granada’s 2000hp Koenigsegg heart transplant will blow your mind.

        Where exactly does someone find a used Koenigsegg engine anyway?!

      • Reposted from Nm2255 Car Videos by Max Bartlett

        Devilish Smart TDI Drag Car Will Cover A 1/4 Mile In 13 Sec!!

        This thing is fast! #smart #vw #vwtdi #diesel #tdi #drag #quartermile

      • Wishing you all a Happy New Year!! Let's start 2018 off with a Zonda engines Mercedes!

      • Reposted from GT Nation by Max Bartlett

        This Insane Subaru Boxer Engine Will Rev To 12,000 RPM

        It's the never ending rev!

      • Reposted from Motorbike news by Max Bartlett

        Sleeper Scooter Goes Street Racing

        #sleeper #racing #streetracing #motorbikes #drivetribe #bikethrottle #bikes #youtube #video

      • Going to post up a bike today (pics courtesy of Car Throttle). This bike has an engine from a WRX Impreza!! No...

      • Reposted from GT Nation by Max Bartlett

        The Most Badass Fiat 500... In The World?

        With custom suspension, widebody, and a tuned version of the Alfa 4C's engine, this could be the maddest Fiat ...

      • This Audi 80 has a 1.8T fitted from a TT with the only give away being the intercooler. It's said to run at 24...

      • Reposted from Live And Let Drive by Max Bartlett

        Insane 2,500hp twin-turbo Audi R8 cracks 244mph because it can

        This is what adding 1900 extra horsepowers to an already very quick car can do

      • Reposted from GT Nation by Max Bartlett

        Listen To An E30 With The Heart Of A Skyline GT-R

        Two more cylinders and one more turbo

      • Reposted from Australias Toughest Cars by Max Bartlett

        1000hp AWD Ford SUV | Territory turbo SLEEPER

        Yep, 9-second quarter mile pass in a family SUV - BARRA THE WORLD!

      • Reposted from Mike's Mechanics by Max Bartlett

        This 900bhp Rolls-Royce uses a twin-charged 2JZ straight-six

        This is definitely not the powertrain Rolls-Royce meant for the Phantom

      • I've not seen a Puma converted Mark 6 Fiesta before so i thought I would post one up!!