TESLA Owners Club

Anyone pre-order a Model Y?
Hi, Matthew! I'm not a Tesla Owner yet but they say "dress for the job you want to have," so I'm joining this club as it is the car I want to have. :) What's your favorite thing about yours?
- hi! I have to pick ONE favorite thing?! Not possible — but I’ll try to narrow it down. I love how speedy it is and how well it handles. Most impressively, though, is how the car is constantly getting better via software updates. The car I own now is literally faster, more efficient and more capable than it was a year ago all courtesy of free over-the-air updates.
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  • It’s like a monthly iPhone update, but instead of a pack of four new Animoji, your Tesla shaves 0.3 seconds off of its zero to sixty time!
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  • I see that your “dream ride” is the original roadster - awesome! Why the original and not one of their more modern cars?
    Corne Broekhof
    I once drove this white one and fell in love...no powersteering and just so basic but great on the inside....and so much fun to accellerate so close to the turmac.. I parked next to a VW minivan and this tesla seemed so small... that's why...love at first sight I guess..
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  • Ollie Tins
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  • Hey Matthew, what is your favorite feature about your Tesla Model 3?
    Lady Naja
    Can’t wait to test drive the model 3 on the 7th October 😍
    Will Greer
    Just leased the model s, where should I take it?
    Abdulrahman Ali
    Hello everyone, I have a model 3 performance and I want to have a lower suspension to make it look better, i don’t want something too low something that is enough and looks good, what do you guys recommend?
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