The 911 Tribe

The 911 Tribe

Fueling the passion for the Porsche 911 platform - Tribe Leader @Travis Walker

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    They let me do something very exciting. Stay tuned…

    Me, a tricky circuit and a very serious Porsche – keep your eyes peeled for the full video

  • At Geneva, end of this week, I will reveal which GT I will be driving.

    The longest road test ever. Porsche GT, 10 years use, daily driver and between 250-500,000 kms with the good, ...

  • Project Flatnose - Part 1

    As a car dealer, writer and TV presenter, I've had more than a few motors in my time – but a Flatnose?? Well, ...

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    2.7 RS Soul in a G-Series – 1987 Porsche Carrera Club Sport

    Although it seems like an ordinary G-Series, Carrera CS is the spiritual successor of the legendary 2.7 RS. Be...

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    Leaving our truck in Guatemala!

    This week we make some repairs in Antigua, do a training session for some new Guatemalan friends and then we h...

  • Valentine's days color is red and what would be better than this 1987 Porsche 911 turbo with all of its sexine...

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    Guess where I am?

    We're getting ready to do some filming, stay tuned for more.

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    Reposted from Porsche Cult by Sundeep Bhatia

    This week the #Porsche museum celebrated its tenth birthday. Here are some of my favourite photos from my visi...

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    Car Chat Podcast | RUF Automobile UK

    The second video podcast is up now with Mark Sekula from RUF UK chatting modified Porsches and RUFs. If you wa...

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    A beautiful black #Porsche #911 grazes in the Marque’s Zufferhausen showroom opposite the Porsche museum.#Itoo...

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    70 Years of Porsche at Caramulo

    In Portugal, the Village of Caramulo is synonymous with our automotive heritage.

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    5 reasons why the Porsche 993 might be the best 911

    We just came back from a drive in a Porsche 993 Carrera 4S and it reminded us of how good it is. So good that ...

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    New Porsche 911 Preview

    For a Porsche enthusiast, there are few motoring calendar highlights more significant than the launch of a new...