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  • Reposted from Shmee150 by Tom Theobald

    Rimac Teases New Electric Hypercar Ahead Of Geneva Reveal

    Maybe this time, Hammond won't crash it!

  • Reposted from Today's Top News by Tom Theobald

    After telling us the complete opposite, Ferrari's SUV will be with us in 2019

    It will apparently be the fastest SUV ever

  • Reposted from The DT awards 2017 by Tom Theobald

    The DT Awards 2017 - the winners are revealed

    Gold-bodied men with outsized heads have an announcement to make

  • Reposted from Shmee150 by Tom Theobald

    The New Hyundai Veloster N Has 275BHP!

    That's a lot of punch!

  • Reposted from Photography Community by Tom Theobald

    Lamborghini Reveals Urus Super SUV

    Lamborghini have finally revealed their new Urus 'SSUV', and it doesn't disappoint.

  • Reposted from Lambo by Tom Theobald

    Excitement is mounting as #Lamborghini is preparing to unveil its second ever SUV, the #Urus on the 4th Decemb...

  • Reposted from Migz Racing by Tom Theobald

    Alfa Romeo Giulia Named Motor Trend’s 2018 Car of the Year®

    Giulia Outclasses Competition With the Style, Performance and Technology True to its Italian Heritage

  • Reposted from Second Gear by Tom Theobald

    All New Aston Martin Vantage Has Been Revealed

    It's more than a dressed up Mercedes