The Ferrari Tribe

Natan Tazelaar
Nobody seems to be aware that today it is exactly 30 years ago that Enzo Ferrari died. I wrote a story on all the models that came out after his death.
Whats u guys favourite Ferrari then?
Matthew Lange
A Ferrari 250GTO Series II has just sold for $48.405 million at RM Sothebys Monterey sale last night. Here are 10 cars that are (sometimes loosely) connected to the GTO and can collectively be brought for around the same money.
Evan Hilton
I think the LaFerrari's successor should be called the Schumacher. Sound like a good name?
Darcy Maynard
How can I share my post in this tribe?
Nigel Pollard
OK, so Renault gave Alonso his two world championships but, like MS and Jean Alesi (and so
many more), his unique spirit is a part of what makes the Scuderia so special. The Indy 500 and LM24H will be the better for his participation.
Rico Meng
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