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Evo Fan
I'll do the gran turismo sport one I just need to unlock the f50
Thanks for the interest guys! - next month I’ll try keep it to cars and tracks that are easier to unlock/purchase to try make sure you are all able to join in
Cliff Clement
Something on Forza 7 would be good too
Can see if I can add that next month too!
JDM Luver
Ok thnx
@tribe we are now half way through the month so if you want to take part in the photo competition or the time trials time is running out! Links to both below if you're interested -
Simon Watton
Im going to be in my first ever LIVE broadcast race tomorrow night in the BSR Mazda MX5 Series on YouTube. This will be at the race track "Suzuka", an old school favourite of mine.

Mondays 8pm GMT

Whats happeneing:
15 Minutes open Qualifying
3 x 15 Minute races

Im coming into the series quite late on, but its all good experience at the moment.

Be great to get your support :)

Where to watch =

My own Channel =
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  • Evo Fan
    will there be a gaming trial for February?
    Yes there will, I will be posting an article with the details on the 1st!
    Hey guys, a friend is having trouble with Forza Horizon 4 on PC not loading after the initial loading screen. Anyone got any advice on how this could be fixed?
    Uzair Ahmed
    Should I try and compete for the header photo with a mobile game? (RR3 to be exact). I'm not playing newer racing games with photo modes and thus, they look shitty with his. (Weak pc). I even HAVE dirt 4 but ain't playing
    You can if you like, I’ll look at all photos from any kind of game to put forward for voting at the end of the month.
    @tribe I will be live in an hour (9pm GMT) on Forza Horizon 4 playing through street scene. You can view the stream right here on DriveTribe or over on my YouTube channel.
    Stijn Paspont
    Solo or co-op?
    Stijn Paspont
    Oh. Well, if you end up doing co-op anyway i bet there's enough people willing to join
    Okay, I’ll start off solo anyways but might do a bit of co-op later on to vary things a bit, I actually haven’t tried co-op on any of the campaign races on Horizon 4 yet.
    @tribe we are now half way through the month so that means we are half way through the February time trials entry window! If you want to enter there is an article with the details here -
    We are also half way through the entry window for the photo competition, if you want to enter there is an article with the details here -
    Uzair Ahmed
    I'm so sad I'm not playing pc games with photo modes... And old mobile screenshots just won't cut it... There should be a mobile game month LOL
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