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  • It’s unwise for Holden to abandon its C and D car segments

    When you abandon a segment, you often don’t get it back—so is GM wise to turn Holden into a truck and SUV bran...

  • The long-lived cars that Autocar missed

    Autocar identified 35 models in a very good piece about cars that lasted decades, rather than the regular mode...

  • No frills, ’K?

    There’s something very honest about the 1981 Dodge Aries in such basic trim. They never pretended to be more (...

  • If FCA kills Chrysler today

    Rumours are circulating that Sergio Marchionne could kill off Chrysler. If FCA pulls the plug, then it’s anoth...

  • Ford to stop selling cars in US and Canada, save for Mustang and Focus Active

    Ford's surprise announcement has made Wall Street happy but history suggests Ford, with its profits falling, c...

  • Wellington dealer launch for ’18 Holden Commodore

    You’ve already read about it in Lucire (at ), and if you’re in our home c...

  • + 10

    The 2018 Holden Commodore, rethought

    With the Opel Insignia B’s two-litre turbo as the base engine, and a V6 developing 320 PS at the top (for now)...

  • Autocade turns 10

    Borne out of a desire to give fellow motorheads a quick reference, Autocade hit a milestone last week

  • The last American Falcon

    Americans said farewell to the Falcon 46 years before the Australians—and the last US one is among the rarest ...

  • Reposted from Today's Top News by Jack Yan

    BMW is aiming to electrify the future

    The German carmaker unveils its bold plan for 25 new EV and hybrid models by 2025