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Dave Wyatt III posted in Today's Top News | DriveTribe
Why I hate convertibles-there cool and fun people say. But convertibles suck. Hard tops have a lot of soundproofing material that most people don’t even notice. Then speed up and roll down your window. Notice how loud it is? In a convertible, wind, engine noise, and other cars passing you (because you spent all your money on the convertible part but it’s slow) is all really loud. That makes a conversation with your bro impossible because it’s like WHOOOOOOOOOOOSHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! If you want to listen to music, you have to crank it up much louder and make everyone else angry. You notice how you hear the booming bass in other cars when you walk around in the city? Well soundproofing roofs and windows make you not here the rest. But in a convertible, it doesn’t. And ragtops on a convertible make much more noise then regular roofs. The canvas top makes a sound like a tent in the wind on a barbecue. And ragtops are prone to rips and tears which just makes them louder. To fix that, you could get a folding hardtop but say goodbye to sweet sweet trunk space. Ha! It will have a “small trunk!” I know That was bad. Hehe. But convertibles also are good! They give you sun and wind through your hair. But I won’t always be 72° and sunny. And sunburn sucks. And so does windburn. Also, you are not the only thing that will degrade in a convertible. Fabric and cloth degrades much faster when exposed to wind water and heat or sun. And birds. We’re you hungry? Open up and a bird about 25 feet above you will take care of it. That’s another problem. Reupholstering interiors can be very expensive and not really convenient to say the least. And putting the top up and down can get really old after a while. And when it is nice on the highway and the roof is down, then it starts to rain when you pass to a different state, you have to look off the road to grab the roof and pull it back and lock it, which if you pull over to do that, then it takes longer to get to the destination. More rigidity means better handling, and the roof, the floor plan and the rocker panels. Without a roof it does not handle as well. So manufacturers make up for that by using box beams and other metal things that add weight. Sometimes more than 350 pounds. And just saying, convertibles will never be as stiff as regular cars off the road. And sometimes, it’s not the facts that make it dumb, it’s the looks! Have you ever seen a Nissan Murano Cross Cabroilet? It looks terrifying! Or the Chrysler PT Cruiser Convertible! Can’t say differently! Or the Range Rover Evoque Convertible? What were they thinking????? And, you might be safe in a convertible with the pop-up roll bars, but your stuff isn’t. A convertible is a theft box. Anyone can grab something they want. Unless you don’t keep anything valuable in there. Like that would EVER happen. Also, maybe just the part that in a hard top convertible, they tend to have smaller back seats so that more trunk space is available to hold the roof. So now you have a small back seat, small trunk, and a lot of debt because hard top convertibles are very expensive. And, according to the Nationwide Blog, convertibles tend to be $5000-$9000 more expensive then a regular car. So take that in. You pay a lot, you have less space, more noise, more sunburn, more theft, more weight, more interior degrading, and worse handling. So yeah. I do not like convertibles. At all.
Hello Petrol Heads 😎
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What is the latest news on the price of a new Tesla Model 3. Is it under the luxury car tax
Luca Colley
No not anymore, it’s finally been removed
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