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      • Reposted from The Scenic Route by Jay Fitzgerald

        On-board footage of the MG Metro 6R4 heading up Molls Gap is crazy!

        This kind of driving takes serious control and reflexes.

      • The Celebration of the Motorcar is on tomorrow and I'm probably going to go. Would anyone be interested in see...

      • Reposted from Second Gear by Jay Fitzgerald

        This 760+ HP AMC Gremlin is the ultimate Sleeper and it's for sale!

        Tiny economy car turned into a drag strip monster

      • Reposted from GT Nation by Jay Fitzgerald

        Jeremy's Thoughts On Driving A Manual

        it Seems Age Has CHanged Jeremy's Mind On Manual Transmissions

      • Reposted from Wheelie Good Stuff by Jay Fitzgerald

        This 'How fast is your car' game is so addictive

        A great way to settle an argument

      • Reposted from Quiz Nation by Jay Fitzgerald

        GRID QUIZ: Can you match the manufacturer to the country?

        It gets pretty hard toward the end. No-one has achieved 100% in the office yet!

      • Reposted from New Era Icons by Jay Fitzgerald

        BMW M8

        Remembering the M-onster V12 coupe that didn't quite make the cut

      • Reposted from DriveTribe In Detail by Jay Fitzgerald

        This epic drifting safety car brought some light to a wet Le Mans last year

        Even safety car drivers have bucket loads of talent

      • Reposted from New Era Icons by Jay Fitzgerald

        Video archive: Ferrari F40 versus Ruf CTR Yellowbird

        Watch the fastest cars of the 1980s battle it out in This boost from the past video from JApan's Best Motoring

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        Reposted from Vintage Mustang by Jay Fitzgerald

        Seriously? People have installed lambo doors on classic Mustangs?

      • Reposted from Drivetribe News by Jay Fitzgerald

        Electric Nio EP9 laps the Nurburgring in jaw-dropping time

        New electric hypercar claimed to outpace all at the legendary circuit, including Lamborghini's record-holding ...

      • LIVE with some driving games and carry on in 30 minutes or so. See you there -

      • Reposted from Wheelie Good Stuff by Jay Fitzgerald

        This invention is genius

        Handy to remove vehicles that block your drive

      • Reposted from Wheelie Good Stuff by Jay Fitzgerald

        It should be illegal to drive if you are this bad at parking

        You could park a bus in that space!

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        Reposted from At the Wheel by Jay Fitzgerald

        The Cars That aren't Really Cars

        Sometimes the line between aeroplane, tank, scooter, milk bottle and car is very fine indeed. (#more)

      • Reposted from Lol Cars by Jay Fitzgerald

        That's right, a car inside a truck inside another truck... "cartrucken".