Track Noobs

Track Noobs

Doing anything we can to get on track... or even close to it

  • Which would you rather take on a trackday?

    A beefed up GTR or a Viper Competition Coupe? Insane AWD power or the full racecar experience? Comment below!

  • A storm is brewing...

    I have a huge backlog of great photos and more coming soon!! Stay tuned! #supercars #mneands #spotting #spotte...

  • Loading...

    Gotta love a Turbo S with some good poppoppops!

    The grip this car has on wet roads is truly astonishing... add some noise from a good exhaust and it makes for...

  • Reposted from The Ferrari Tribe by Ryan Ogurek

    Today I put on my Ferrari shoes, and drove an F430

    Okay, so it was actually a couple days ago, but that seemed like a good title.

  • The Supercar Saturday Video is here!

    That's right! It's a bigger, better round of shaky-camera supercar action from your's truly!