Allie Crooks
Have a look at my latest post on my 'Let's Drive' tribe to find out what the IQ is like to drive and why it was such a sales flop.
Allie Crooks
Why was the Toyota IQ such a sales flop? Find out in my latest post :)
Allie Crooks
Vinfast Motor Company are here for your dong - Check out my latest post on the Let's Drive tribe.
Emma Voltaire
Warning: this really did happen... well, the dream did... seriously!
Tribey of the Week - James Stewart has released a new video series. Watch it here: @tribe
First misadventure.
Nathan Alphabet posted in Petrol heads beginnings | DriveTribe
Found an absolutely TERRIFYING new issue with the car tonight. I will set the seen. This is late September, Canada, it's cold, close to freezing, rain is falling, and it's about 12 pm. Going for a trip to the store for some cigarettes, one of those sleepless nights kinda thing. The dog wakes up as he here's the keys jingle and decides he wants to go as well, so we both jump in, and let the car warm up for a few minutes, and adjust the seat so he can lazily look out the window, while sort of sitting there. (I'll have to take a pic of that, my discribed writing needs it of work) Almost up to a temp I like, so we slowly start to drive up the street make the turn, and head down a side street. There's a stop sign, so naturally gear down, and come to a "full" stop, into first, some light wheel chatter, and I realize it's a bit more slippy then I had initially thought. Any way get to the store, run in, spend a stupid amount of money, on a habit that will surely kill me, jump back in, and head out of the parking lot. Now, this is when things start to go HORRIBLY, HORRIBLY wrong. Now there is a tight right hand turn at the bottom of an underpass I need to take to get back home. So I gear down from third into second, and ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE, the car decided to FLOOR ITSELF, just as I started to turn, at about 2500 rpm. There's 10 foot concrete walls on both sides of me, I'm going up a steepish incline, and now for some reason it's VERY SLIPPERY. As you can imagine the first thing that HITS ME is the DOG, then immediately after that, I figure out I'm VERY SIDEWAYS, luckily it's muscle memory, (or what ever you want to call it), and I'm already on FULL LOCK, some how it starts to come back around, and the DOG POLITELY, moves back to his WINDOW, a bit of a crash in itself I may add. So I'm SAWING at the wheel, for a few HUNDRED FEET, not willing to STAB THE CLUTCH, AND CRATER the engine, while I'm trying to get one hand on the keys. The dog was of no help with this, having is FUN being a temporary, PINBALL. (or WREAKING BALL, I didn't have time, to ask him what he was trying to be) I'm now cresting the hill where an ONCOMING LANE, Is fast approaching. Finally I get a hand on the ignition key, shut the car off, and coast to the side of the road, where we BOTH, got out, to CONSOLE, one an other. (three minutes and 4 cigarettes later), we get back in, out of the rain, now damp and BOTH SMELLY, start diagnosing WTF, just happened. Took a few minutes, and a few aborted starts later, narrowed it down to a couple things. LINKAGES, are all moving freely, peddle in the car has been pulled on, (more then once), start tracing vaccum lines, then BANG IT HITS ME. This car has a vaccum sort of fly-by-wire sort of thing happening. So, took the hose off started the car, no more ghost revs, shut the car off, put the vacuum line on, and we are safe to go again. Now I have NO IDEA, if that was the real problem, but it worked. So drove home in 4th, at about 1000 rpm, with the DOG looking rather WORRIED at me, while my hand is on the ignition. There's NO MORAL to this story, no real reason to scared of the car, a CHANGE of PANTS, and a few TREATS, all was good, and balance was back to the world. All I can say, is screwing around in vehicles all those years, is what saved the DOG, the CAR, and MYSELF. not a moral, just LUCK. Now, I'm going to bed THE END........
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