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    First picture is from Road America when IMSA came to Wisconsin (turn 14 to turn 1). Second Picture is from the...

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    Had a great time at Arkansas rallycross

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    Rare Shades Porsche show in downtown LA, my PTS Targa entered 🏁🏎🇩🇪

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    It's that time of the year again! The rats invade and we will bring you coverage here on the Custom & Hot Rod ...

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    Greatest weekend of racing ever! Lucky dog racing at Oregon raceway park. Taking home 1st after the 9 hour and...

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    Car arrived at Oregon Raceway Park Saturday, ran all day Sunday, vets had a blast. Mission Accomplished! Randy...

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    Cars and Coffee in Jacksonville Fla.

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    The Watkins Glen Vintage Grand Prix takes you back to the good ol' days

    R​emember when motorsport was filled with nothing but action-packed action? If you don't, you will now...

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    C​ome to Road Atlanta for a DRIVETRIBER's track day!

    J​oin us at Road Atlanta for a DRIVETRIBER's track day.

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    Missing this weekend's fall vintage races for the first time in three years... But I do look forward to the ph...