Vehiculum Obscura

Vehiculum Obscura

Driving myself into a world of dreams, cars and the unknown, come with me?

  • Im on holiday!

    Yea, sorry, so no work for me this week! Also my week after that is super busy in other job, so god knows when...

  • Reposted by Emma Voltaire

    Kia show off the 2019 'CUV' Ceed

    Shame it's only one drawing though, but some tasty information inside...

  • Elon Musk promises that you can sleep in a Tesla by 2020 - on the move

    It's 2019, we expected flying cars by now... So, what can Elon magic up for us?

  • Kind man looking to trade car in – gives it to nursing student instead

    Here, it's Monday, have a short feel-good moment...