Vintage Ads

Eddie Brooks
I just now realized you had created this! Now I know for sure where to put the old ads I run across. 🙂
I have! I thought of it last week, because i see all these ads and i'm like they need a tribe lol
I haven't got some content yet but I'm gonna join the tribe now anyway so if I'll find something I can post it here. It's a great idea for a tribe! 😊
awesome! Thank you!
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  • A work in progress
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    can I post 90s ads too or just ads from the 60s 70s and 80s
    Oh sure, because 90s is considered vintage now for some reason lmao
    Post what you like
    non existent
    OK thanks
    Yes sir!
    Jonathan Morris
    That worrying, if 90s is vintage then I am a 70s Stone Ager
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