Vintage Opel/Vauxhall

Vintage Opel/Vauxhall

A tribe for vintage Opel/Vauxhall drivers and enthusiasts!

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    the GSi badge is back, but do you remember these eight oldies?

    Opel is resurrecting the GSI name for its hottest cars. But can it live up to this lot?

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    Opel at GP Mutschellen

    Classic Opels take over the Mutschellen pass.

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    The GT was an Opel from Another Galaxy

    No other Opel looked same and that was because GT was the first European concept car to go into series product...

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    The greatest finale to a racing series of all time

    I'm not sure anything can beat 90's btcc

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    Opel Kadett C OSV40 Aero and Coupé

    Voilá – the Coupé and Aero versions of the Opel Safety Vehicle.

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    Damn forgotten car and the best ever produced by Opel (and Lotus)

    Here a little story about a German British car that was great and rocked everything but reliability =)