Virtual Museums

Naomi Holmes
I know these aren't technically museums but I love the diversity of car shows
Dave Winfield
I've had a quick look Naomi, I'll have adecent go at it on the weekend! Thanks for posting.
Dave Winfield
@tribe.. some AWESOME new virtual museum posts this week.. be sure to check them out and hit the BUMP button to show your appreciation for all the hard work that goes into creating them!!
Dave Winfield
@tribe Loads and loads of new posts in Virtual Museums! Please Click on the little Heart if you like the posts!
Dave Winfield
@tribe Here's a Milestone!! 100 members of Virtual Museums now! Welcome Guilherme Demetrio, our 100th Member!
Joachim Rayos
I just found/joined! Great tribe as I've found "museum visits" don't really fit neatly in other categories like photography, events, motorsports, etc. I have a museum trip to write up myself, I'm a bit more motivated now that I know where to park it!
Dave Winfield
@tribe Happy New Year everyone! May 2019 be a happy, healthy and wealthy year for you all!
Michael R
Happy new year Dave!
Dave Winfield
@tribe (it's been a while!) - Hi everyone! I've started what will be a long series of short articles showing the cars I saw when I walked through the Schlumpf Museum. check in and give me a bump if you like it please!
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