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Dominik Komoli
Is there any way you could have both cars? 😅
I would agree that it looks good but I still don't get convinced by that glass trunk...
Dominik Komoli
That’s actually one of my favourite parts of it 😃
Brett Stevens
heico is the only company to offer an off the shelf quad exhaust and diffuser.
Richard King
Thanks Brett. I've seen the Heico products. They're amazing but a bit expensive.
Eldon Phukuile
I’m in South Africa. Own an XC90 (2007) and would love to start a local meet-up
Richard Houlton
One part of a critique I did on every car I’ve ever owned. Thought I’d share this one...
Richard Houlton | DriveTribe

Car No15 ‘08 Volvo C30 T5 R-Design (Manual) I loved the look of this car as soon as I saw it. I liked how small it was and how well packaged it was. It didn’t attempt to accommodate 5 people, it seated 4 people, all in the most comfortable bucket seats imaginable with loads of room. The build quality was spectacular. Everything you touched felt suitably premium. The Dynaudio ICE was insanely good. The 2.5 5 cylinder turbo was a torquey and bulletproof gem of a thing that sounded insanely good with a muffler delete! Almost like a V10. Yep it was more GT than hot-hatch. But the Ford Focus S1 chassis was well balanced. The gearing was tall and loping (2nd gear peaked at over 120kph), and if there were a more effortless, cross continent crushing, GT for 4 people this side of a Bentley Continental, I didn’t know about it. And my wife had just bought an NC MX5 so if I wanted my “sports car fix”, that was in the garage. I really liked this car. My wife hated it. My sister-in-law bought me a hat. People couldn’t understand that I actually liked a Volvo. I kept it for 3 years and it was bought by a young guy who also loved C30s. It’s a shame Volvo didn’t replace it. It was an underrated Volvo. However, with shorter gearing, LSD, faster steering, and the Focus ST’s more hot-hatch oriented suspension, it would have been a superb premium C30R hot-hatch and would have plugged a completely vacant gap in the market. I think Volvo missed the opportunity to create a cult car.

Kevin McCarthy
Hi all, I'm about to take delivery of a 2020 S60 T8 (The plugin hybrid). Hopefully tomorrow, but probably Monday. I'll let you all know how it goes through a couple of posts about it.
Markuss Krumins
Question. Why does nobody talk about XC-90s because I have one and I feel the nobody likes them.
Adam Urbàn
Hi everybody, I'm building a Volvo 850 Sedan BTCC replica and I need a wing. Anyone have any tips? Ebay and forums is drawing a blank so far
R32 Rennsport
It's this one by the way
Eliud Maina
Hi guys, looking to buy a volvo v40 T5 2013( the one with 5 cylinders and a ford geartronic)
1.Is the 6 speed geartronic from ford reliable?
2.Can you fit or install paddle shifters?
3.How is the general reliability of the 5 cylinder 2.5l engine

Ruben van Aerde
Does anyone else struggle to set the 4 way lumbar support on 2019 xc60 in a comfortable position? I didn't figure out yet how to set it up for good support. I do loads of miles so I think it's important to sit comfortably
Robert Latham
Hi there I am looking for some bits for my Volvo 960 I am looking for some light grey/blue with the wood on it Door cards.
Whilst I am here I have a Volvo S80 with the t6 engine for with 107000 genuine miles on it.
Robert Latham
Hi again I have a pair of headlights for a Volvo 940/960 preface lift I think around the early 90s if interested please call me for price
Polestars have personality?
Robert Latham
Hi there I am having a problem with my Volvo 960 Auto 3. Litre. The gearbox has been reconditioned. But after a lot of computer testing codes we cannot find any faults. When it is driving along sometimes it decides to change up a gear and back for no reason. Could it be Electric problems some where if so where.
Robert Latham
Gilles V
Hello Robert, if you have checked fluids level and cabling, I would be considering the transmission valve. That would explain why gears are not locked correctly. My concern: if the transmission has been reconditionned, either there is a problem at this level or if the job has been correctly done, that's the electronic. But a problem at this level would be found with testing codes (normally)
Garith Nock
Hello would like to get some advice with regards to my volvo. It is the S60 D3 geartronic. What is happening is that there is smoke coming out from the engine bay but not all the time, it is very intermittent. When I had it checked out I was told that it could be the turbo as when there they revved the motor and it did start smoking but yet at times when I drive it slow it will smoke as well, yet there is no smoke coming out of the tailpipe or any loss of power. Could there be a seal near the turbo that needs replacing as I don't currently have the funds for a new turbo if it is the turbo. Again like I said it is very intermittent.
R32 Rennsport
Shameless plug for a video my buddy Paolo just put together.
Robert Latham
Hi can someone help I have a 2007 D5 C70 convertible. The gearbox is playing up I have found one form 2006 petrol 2.4 c70 convertible. Will it fit my 2007 D5
Robert Latham
Hi some time ago I asked for help with my Volvo 960 3.0 Auto. Thankfully and a lot of money I have got it sorted.
I will be putting it back on the Market again as I am looking for a C70 D5 and need to sell my 960 to help with the cost. If anyone is interested my number is 07876680994 to contact me
Many thanks
Robert Latham
Wanted for my Volvo 960 3.0 Auto 24valve saloon a six disc CD player
Has anyone out there got one that works for sale. If you have can you call me on 07876680994 please
Logan M. Watern
I would take over Volvo so i could prevent them from going total EV, then i would make Volvo a name for racing and performance like the Polestar line but better. In 4 years time we would have an IMSA team and cars like the S60 and S90 with R trims to rival the likes of AMG and BMW M series
Nigel Shepherd
My 1993 940S has also seen its first snow - in my ownership anyway. One owner from new and 40,000 miles when bought last year. Needed a few age related repairs, but both front seat heaters still work. Headlamp wipe/wash - after one reconditioned motor, unblocking washer tube and new blades - are so much better than washers alone. Why did all manufacturers drop these? Cost probably. 940S was a short lived base model, so acceleration is best measured with a calendar and it struggles to return more than 25 mpg, but it has a pleasingly mechanical feel: My new XC60 B5 MHEV, which of course is immeasurably better in every way, feels disconnected from its environment by comparison. This has huge benefits for refinement and much else, but I’ll never sell my 940 estate. Sorry to use a cliché, but it has such character. XC60 is a Mary Poppins car (practically perfect in every way), but rather bland, despite the Orrefors Swedish crystal gear knob!
Robert Latham
Hi Volvo owners I still have my Volvo 960 and when running it is a great car. Unfortunately at the moment it won’t start. My local garage assures me it is the crank sensor Can any one help with a crank sensor please
My contact is 07876680994
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