World Rallies

Fiona Easterby
@tribe A new article for you...and also one of the jobs ;-) that's keeping me so busy at the moment. Hands up who would like to see this made, because I know I would. Much sript development and fundraising going on at the moment. Classic Minis will be the star cars but yes, my bug will be sneaking an appearance too.
Ben Alfthan
God I would give anything for some kind of adventure involving cars.. problem is I don't rate my skills very highly, nervous in heavy traffic, can't park to save my life, crap in reverse...
Family do class me as a rally driver though lol.... would give anything to learn new skills and have the adventure of my life
Fiona Easterby
Nothing will build your confidence more than doing a banger rally like the Plymouth - Banjul Challenge (the one I started with) or the Mongol Rally. Driving in the likes of Omsk or Tangiers will make heavy traffic in the UK seem like nothing! Driving across the Mongolian Steppe or Sahara Desert present their own challenges but it's so freeing being off piste in the middle of nowhere with no light pollution. As for the parking, that's the easiest to deal with, once you know the theory just take yourself to a multi-storey car park when it's quiet and practice parking in the smallest space, the one between the ramp and a big concrete pillar. That's how my driving instructor taught me. He used to make me parallel park on hills too, I called him names at the time but it was useful in the long run.
Fiona Easterby
@tribe The 4th episode of Curfew aired tonight, best yet! We got a proper introduction to Dr Jones (Billy Zane) and his insane crew in the VW camper, kevlar chicken suit and all. We briefly met Lou Collins (Miranda Richardson - that's queenie in Blackadder to you!) and daughter, competing in a tow truck. Both the race and the plot are moving along quite nicely. Highly recommended if it's being broadcast where you live, if not then look out for it in the future, or when the DVD is released.
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