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Dancing petrolhead who spends all day colouring in.


Dancing petrolhead who spends all day colouring in.

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    Sorry Mr Bond you cannot have your Aston Martin back. I'm keeping the Vantage.

    Tantalizing glimpse into the all new 2019 Aston Martin Vantage.

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    Waiting on 2019 Top Marques_Watches

    The Top Marques is being reinvented and rebranded. Since I'm a huge fan, I go every year, I thought I might sh...

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    We’ve been expecting you,Mr Bond! #AstonMartin #DB5 #Lego A very Merry Christmas to all Drivetribbers !

  • Honda RA273 1/12th Scale Tamiya model

    My first attempt at a scale model in many years.....the eyes are not what they used to be..!!!

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    You Shall Pass!

    Hitting Switzerland`s Susten, Grimsel & Furka passes on an autumn day, or, take three of these and call me in ...

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    Hotel l'Orologio Firenze_ The Hotel for Watch lovers

    So yesterday I went to a beer tasting and this was the location. I was born and raised in Florence so I guess ...

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    Porsche launches new chronograph alongside the new 911

    Porsche Design 911 Chronograph Timeless Machine Limited Edition inspired by the new Porsche 911 Type 992

  • Cool shot of Aston's on Vauxhall Bridge

    Photo by Aston Martin #AstonMartin #JamesBondDay #BondInMotion #mi6Building

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    World premiere of the new Porsche 911

    Unveiling the latest evolution of our iconic and enduring sports car

  • Today's watch of choice

    The 'Salzburg' from Omologato. No 34/200. Made to celebrate Porsche's first win at Le Mans in 1970.

  • Previous line-up from ERT-12

    All but two of these cars have now been replaced.

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    Watch worn by Raplh Feinnes as ‘M’ in Spectre up for auction. Acquired by current owner in charity auction for...