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Motorsport: Blogging, Journalism and PR.


Motorsport: Blogging, Journalism and PR.

  • W​hat it's like to be a motorsport journalist

    A​n open and honest account of what it's like to travel the world being a motorsport journalist

  • T​atiana Calderon: "I'm there because I'm capable of doing the job"

    A​n exclusive interview with Alfa Romeo Racing test driver and Formula 2 racer

  • Meet the teenager who's aiming for Formula 1

    Megan Gilkes is daring to dream big and has her heart set on racing in F1. As part of the W Series final 28, s...

  • Mikaela Ahlin-Kottulinsky on the road to success

    Mikaela has had an excellent season in the Scandinavian Touring Car Championship and we caught up with her to ...

  • Charlie Martin: "We should be free to do the sport we love"

    Charlie Martin is a racer with a remarkable story. She began her transition in 2012 and has since been empower...

  • Is the new W Series a 'sad day for motorsport' or a vital step towards equality?

    Should any effort to widen the pool of female talent and give women a pathway to F1 be applauded?

  • Susie Wolff: "There's so much more potential for what we can achieve"

    Susie Wolff speaks about her aims for her initiative Dare To Be Different and where the industry is headed for...

  • Why McLaren has made the right choice signing Lando Norris

    A look at why Lando Norris is the right man for the 2019 McLaren contract...

  • Monza: My first grand prix

    Having been an avid F1 fan for almost a decade, last year I got the chance to head to the Italain GP. It's an ...

  • Mark Blundell: "I achieved my dream"

    See what ex-F1 driver Mark Blundell had to say when we discussed the highs and lows of his career...

  • Claire Williams: "We'll keep fighting until we get there"

    When FemalesInMotorsport.com met Claire Williams, this is what she had to say...

  • Suzi Perry: "You could be saying hello and welcome when everything changes"

    Exclusive interview with Suzi Perry talking about how one phone call changed her life

  • The immense story of the Azerbaijan Grand Prix

    The highs and lows of a weekedn to never forget...

  • F1 and abject poverty: The truth about Baku

    As Formula 1 heads to Baku for the grand prix, it's important to take a look at the poverty that is strife in ...

  • Haigh: "When the helmet goes on there is no differencebetween men and women"

    Flick Haigh made history when she became the first woman to win a British GT race outright. Find out what she ...

  • Why we love motorsport and what it means to us

    A slightly different post where we look to see why people love motorsport and what it means to them.

  • Julia Piquet on F1, her famous family and what it's like to be motorsport mad

    An exclusive interview with Julia Piquet....

  • Pippa Mann: "It's still a boy's playground"

    Pippa Mann is a determined racing driver who has fought gender stereotypes for a long time. And, you know what...

  • Tatiana Calderon on F1, racing and why females don't need a separate series

    Tatiana Calderon is becoming a star after success in a number of racing series, but what exactly does she have...

  • 5 reasons why you should watch the Australian GP

    F1 is back! That's right, you're allowed to not stop talking about it. But, if you're undeicded whether to get...

  • F1 2018: Who we should look out for

    F1 is back this weekend! But, just who should we be on the look out for?