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  • Nissan GT-R50 and others hit Goodwood

    You see wild concept cars, limited production models for the ultra-wealthy, and track-only prototypes all the ...

  • Liberty Walk's Daihatsu Copen GT-K is the last word in Kei car body kits

    There is no better way to strut 47kW.

  • Don't be dumb like me - attach your e-tag to your windscreen

    Toll roads are a part of daily life if you live in a city like Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane.

  • This V12-powered Land Cruiser is one FJ you won't see bush-bashing

    Toyota’s Land Cruiser is usually a rough and tough off-roader, able to conquer whatever nature throws at it.

  • This FB Holden has been loved more than a beer on the weekend

    When Ford was gearing up for the release of its first Australian built XK Falcon in 1960, GMH was still proudl...

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  • This guy missed the opportunity to own two of Australia's biggest muscle car icon

    ​In the mid-1980s I was working in a supermarket-bottle shop. I knew many of the customers by first name and g...

  • When Studebaker bent nature to its will

    The more advertising we see, the more we get used to tuning it out, the harder companies have to work to get o...

  • Who cares about the Goodwood Festival of Speed - we have Summernats!

    Held in Canberra, ACT, the Summernats is the biggest festival of its kind and an event that has enjoyed nearly...

  • Rather than blow $29k, this guy DIYed his Veyron oil change

    Everyone knows how expensive it is to maintain a supercar, so why not save some dosh and do it yourself?

  • Thinking about buying your first classic car? Here's how

    ​Survivor Car Australia magazine has had lots of feedback surrounding Survivor Cars.

  • Best thing about a Phase III Falcon? You only get a $50 fine for speeding

    I morphed into Allan Moffat as my foot went straight to the floor.

  • The many faces of Nismo

    Nissan’s in-house tuning company, Nismo is famous worldwide for applying its performance wizardry to cars such...

  • Going on holiday? Buy an old station wagon

    We've always been a nation of recreation. Whether it's a trip to the river or beach for a picnic or weekend, A...

  • Five future collectable cars from the '80s

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  • How NOT to avoid getting a Defect sticker in the '80s

    In my youth, it was normal for almost all petrol heads to customise their pride and joy in some way.

  • Ken Block kills his ex-WRC Escort Cosworth with fire!

    Ken Block has had a day he would rather forget, destroying his genuine Group A ex-World Rally Championship For...

  • Sheriff claims 707hp Dodge Charger as a work expense

    A sheriff in the American state of Georgia is in trouble with his bosses after buying a brand new Dodge Charge...

  • Here's an ultra-rare opportunity to get your hands on an R34 GT-R V-Spec II Nur

    To many, the R34 is the ultimate iteration of the GT-R badge.

  • Auction Royale: two of HM the Queen's actual Rolls-Royces up for grabs

    Bonhams has just out-British’d itself with the most spiffing auction listings, possibly ever.

  • What burnouts were like in the 1800s

    The lads at Hoonigan answer the question that literally no one was asking.

  • Apparently, Prince Harry doesn't drive his RS6 much, so it's up for sale

    Yes, really. This is Prince Harry’s ride.

  • An up!date on @volkswagendown - servicing

    I bought my up! for the princely sum of $3000, so I was hardly going to head to a VW dealer and shell out heap...

  • Remember that time van Gisbergen drifted SMP at night?

    With Shane Van Gisbergen taking out the first Supercars' night race over the weekend, now is the ideal time to...

  • Check out Daniel Ricciardo's epic US road trip, in his F1 car!

    The team from Aston Martin Red Bull Racing have been busy taking one of its cars on a road trip across the USA...