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    Midnight Club: Inside Japan’s most infamous illegal street racing gang

    The Midnight Club shot to global fame thanks not only to its outrageous high-speed street racing.

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    12th June 1966, British Formula One driver John Surtees won the Belgian Grand Prix in his Ferrari 312 in a rac...

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    The Porsche 911 Range For Dummies

    Does the Porsche 911 range confuse you? If so, then this is the blog you need to read!

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    The 7 worst records in F1 that no driver wants to have

    You won't find the likes of Michael Schumacher or Ayrton Senna in this list

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    Why I Prefer The Porsche Carrera GT To The 918 Spyder

    As much as I love the 918, there's something more appealing about the Carrera GT for me.

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    The 920Hp Pikes Peak Ford RS200 with an Amazing History

    Now owned and raced by the Doran Family, this 920Hp Group B Monster stands as one of the units with a richest ...