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I write stuff about F1. Have a look at my tribe: Harry on Formula One


I write stuff about F1. Have a look at my tribe: Harry on Formula One

  • The Mildly Difficult Mid-Season F1 Quiz.

    Formula One has gone on it's summer break, which gives us a chance to look back on what's happened so far this...

  • Daniel Ricciardo has left Red Bull. How does this change the driver market?

    What are Red Bull's options for 2019? What would the grid look like if all of the rumours were to be believed?...

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  • Marc Priestley: How I Became a Formula One Mechanic

    In the first part of my new 'How I Became' series, Marc Priestley told me how he made it to his dream job: wor...

  • Max Crashstappen: Does he deserve this?

    After a series of costly mistakes this season, there have been many calling for Max to change his driving styl...

  • McLaren Renault: Yay or Nay?

    After eight days of pre-season testing and the first race, have McLaren made the right decision dropping Honda...

  • Testing in F1: Why the Current System is a JOKE!

    Formula One teams get eight days to test their cars. Just EIGHT days to see if their multi-million pound car i...

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  • Liberty in, Bernie Out: One Year Later

    After their first year in control, have the changes made by Liberty Media been a move in the right direction o...

  • The Toro-Rosso Driver Debacle: Who gained and who lost out?

    It's not often than the two drivers that start a season don't finish it with the same team, so what actually h...

  • Massa, Di Resta and Kubica: The Williams Dilemma.

    Who will get the seat at Williams for the 2018 season? How will fans react to one of the most anticipated anno...

  • Hamilton vs Vettel: The Story So Far

    Who has the upper hand going into Japan? Will Vettel pay for his mistakes? Is Hamilton the better champion?