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  • Race car bed gets the Hoonigan treatment

    A race car bed that you can drive? How wasn't this idea done sooner?

  • Dubai's "Ghiath" is the arm of the law you don't want to mess with

    There's cop cars that use speed and there's ones that use force. Guess which this one was built for?

  • This is what happens when revheads design a cruise ship

    You get a two-level go-kart circuit overlooking the high seas.

  • We quizzed Ferrari's Australasian boss on cars and jelly

    Herbert Appleroth is not only the CEO of Ferrari's Australasian operation, he's also heir to the famous Aeropl...

  • This small and feisty Cinquecento has the heart of a Ninja

    Humble hatchback transformed into a track day monster.

  • Pop champagne showers with Bugatti's own bubbly

    Because you need an expensive bottle of alcohol to go with your expensive supercar.

  • A quick Q&A with a very quick Hayden Paddon

    Hayden Paddon is one of Hyundai N Sport's star rally drivers, having just taken out second position in this ye...

  • Australia's fastest street car isn't a McLaren Senna, but an XW Fairmont

    Even the most exotic supercars would struggle to keep up with this old Ford.

  • Before banning the Raptor ad, people were up in arms about Ford's Cane Toad Road

    Remember these cane toads from that controversial Falcon ad?

  • Hundreds of cars gather to break-in Luddenham Raceway

    Western Sydney's newest race track opens its gates.

  • Two ponies collide with this Ferrari-powered Mustang

    Who said Mustang builds can't be different?

  • This 40 Series Land Cruiser has the 10.4L V8 heart of a semi

    This may look like any other 40-series Toyota Land Cruiser ute, but it is hiding a gigantic 10.4L Caterpillar ...

  • Three reasons why the Eunos Cosmo is better than the RX-7

    The Eunos Cosmo, is often forgotten and overshadowed by the RX-7, but in someways it's better than Mazda's leg...

  • The Hyundai Pony: Korea's first home-grown car

    The Pony was an unlikely hero that set the scene for decades of Hyundai success.

  • While Aussies celebrated the Bathurst 1000, I went to the Korean equivalent

    Did you know Korea has its own V8 touring car series? It's called the Cadillac 6000.

  • Iran introduces a knockoff Murcielago with Hyundai power

    China isn't the only country making fake supercars.

  • Your chance to own the world's rarest RX-8

    One of only three Targa-spec RX-8 SPs is currently for sale!

  • Suzuki Vitara gets a Range Rover makeover

    Can't afford a Range Rover Evoque? No problem...

  • Russia: Home of vodka and jet-powered BMW E30s

    This takes the cake when it comes to engine swaps.

  • Bimmerwerks is a Korean car club on an unprecedented scale

    I thought Bimmewerks was a run-of-the mill car club. But with a huge membership base, it's emblematic of the r...