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    5 surprising facts about Fernando Alonso's Indy 500 qualifying performance

    He's already making a good fist of his attempt to win it first time out

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    • Alonso is having fun, but more importantly, he's showing the world how good he really is as a driver. If you have listened to him early in this F1 season, he has repeatedly said that heRead more
      5 mins ago
    • Great effort , he is close enough to the front to get into the tow of the leading bunch when it breaks away, he's in with a real chance 👏👏👏
      1 hour ago
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    beetle/911 clear-up

    it's time for double history with mr may. bad luck everyone.

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    • Thank you James,this point of History must have been said!(Even if you have early said it in your show "History of the cars",but some people musn't have seen it).It's always aRead more
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    • I have always liked double history.
      23 mins ago

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    Indy 500: Fernando Alonso qualifies on the second row at the Brickyard

    Scott Dixon took pole in Sunday's 'Fast Nine' shootout

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    • Surprising to see Takuma Sato faster than Alonso :D
      9 hours ago
    • Go, go, go.
      14 hours ago

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    • You left out the proposal in 2015 by the New South Wales state government to relocate the Australian Grand Prix from Melbourne to Sydney. The proposed circuit was to include theRead more
      11 mins ago
    • What F1 in London could (might have) looked like - www.youtube.com/watch?v=_D17kG82yz4
      48 mins ago
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    2017 McLaren 720s video review: A true Supercar?

    We drive the new #McLaren 720S in the mountains in Italy and try to get to the heart of this stunningly fast and surprisingly practical new #supercar

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    • Excellent review as ever Henry.Any chance however, could you pass on to the powers that be, the possibility of having an option to toggle on & off the subtitles on the videos? IRead more
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    on any sodding sunday

    My ambition was to make a short film about a Sunday morning blast, capturing what it really is. I kind of did.....

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    • After seeing this film,I know that you're more a Star than Robert Downey Jr!Seriously,your bike is beautiful.
      14 mins ago
    • stunning!
      52 mins ago

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    Sebastien Bourdais suffers 'multiple fractures' after huge Indy 500 crash

    The Dale Coyne Racing driver smashed into the wall at 200mph during qualifying

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    • He's one lucky guy to be alive after that. Wish him a speedy recovery
      12 mins ago
    • I'd definitely rather drive a F1 car than an Indy car! I hope he has a speedy recovery. 🤕
      4 hours ago

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    I bought a thing!

    The only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it

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    • Whew... I thought you bought a VW kubelwagon clone. That car though, looks fast, just sitting there. Good choice, Mr. Hammond. Mechanicals can always be fixed and/or changed ifRead more
      10 hours ago
    • Beautiful car! I had the pleasure of working on these in a Lotus dealership here in Northern Ireland, absolutely loved them, flaws and all!
      1 day ago

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    Alonso pulls off another double overtake as he finishes fourth in Indy practice

    The F1 ace was near the top of the time sheets in Thursday's practice session

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    • Ohh, so Nando goes to Merc?
      6 hours ago
    • Will Nando replace Kimi next year?
      1 day ago

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    Fame, fear, lots of visits to the loo, and some racing

    This weekend I’m doing the Nürburgring 24 hours in a BMW M4 GT4. Scared? A bit. But maybe I’ll get another toy car with my name on it.

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