LIQUI MOLY, the popular German market specialists in motor oils, additives and car care, has partnered with DriveTribe since 2020, achieving top levels of engagement across all DriveTribe social platforms over the past four years. To see more on the DriveTribe and Liqui-Moly brand integrations visit our Youtube here.



Discovery+ the online streaming service, has collaborated with DriveTribe over the last three years, with DriveTribe providing bespoke marketing plans and creative executions for the popular TV show “Richard Hammond’s Workshop”. The partnership avails of DriveTribe’s video production team and marketing team, to produce engaging and informative content surrounding Richard Hammond’s series.


Gtechniq founded in 2001, is a long-standing partner of DriveTribe, with their partnership entering its fourth year. The partnership continues to expose the brand to DriveTribe’s 10 million followers, finding engaging ways to strengthen Gtechniq’s brand awareness and traffic to their website. Visit our Youtube here, to see the latest Gtechniq sponsored videos.

ineedatracker logo


IneedaTracker, the Thatcham-certified and insurance-approved car tracker for vehicle security, is collaborating with DriveTribe in 2024. In times when insurance premiums for luxury cars are at an all-time high, this partnership with DriveTribe will aim to provide premium online content to expose the car industry’s need for car trackers. If you are interested in purchasing a tracker please visit the site here – or call one of the Ineedatracker engineers free on 0800 336 007.


The German-owned car tech company Carly provides consumers with a diagnostic tool that supplies drivers with empowering solutions to save both money and time on car diagnostic issues. Through the 2024 partnership with DriveTribe, the brand aims to reach a wider audience base globally, for consumers to see the product as a reliable companion that delivers powerful data and valuable insights throughout their car’s lifecycle. Visit the DriveTribe YouTube here to see the Carly product in action.

Lanoguard Logo


Lanoguard, a friendly family-run business with eco-friendly natural products, are the easy underbody rust protection product provider in Britain. Trusted by thousands in the UK, Lanoguard is partnering with DriveTribe in 2024 to build brand awareness with DriveTribe’s 10 million followers, to present the Lanoguard product as a quick, easy and simple rust prevention solution through YouTube integrations and demonstrations. 

Adrian Flux


In 2024, DriveTribe, renowned for its vast fleet of vehicles showcased across its DriveTribe and More DriveTribe channels, has partnered exclusively with Adrian Flux, the UK’s leading specialist motor insurance broker. This collaboration ensures seamless and comprehensive insurance coverage for the diverse range of cars in our fleet, underscoring our commitment to providing optimal protection for our valued assets.

Sell My Classic


Sell My Classic, the classic car buying and selling platform, has partnered with DriveTribe in 2024 to enhance their brand awareness. Leveraging DriveTribe’s expansive automotive enthusiast community, the collaboration aims to spotlight Sell My Classic’s services. This partnership combines DriveTribe’s engaging content and broad reach with Sell My Classic’s specialised expertise, driving targeted traffic and fostering valuable customer connections through a tailored marketing plan. Visit our Youtube here, and our socials here to see the latest Sell My Classic sponsored content.