So, you’re in the market for a talented automotive video production agency and you want to choose the right team for the job – where do you start?

Take a look at how our how our video production and content creation process works, and see what you can expect from us.

DriveTribe is a community-first collection of highly engaged social media platforms including YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and TikTok.

Having started as our own social media platform, we have now transitioned to purely striving to make the best automotive content.

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“What Do I Want From Your Automotive Video Production Agency”?

Maybe you know precisely what you’re after, if so, that’s great! We have clients who come to us with a storyboard, locations, and talent at the ready. They just want us to execute.

However, we also have clients who come to us with a fundamental business concern, a problem they need to address through the right automotive marketing solutions. They know they need automotive video content, but they’re just not sure what…

In these instances, we come to the table with a wealth of experience in automotive marketing strategies. You have found an automotive video production agency who can do everything. That includes storyboarding, location scouting, finding talent, shooting, editing and much more.


When we commence any automotive video production project, we always start by stating the big idea.
Usually, we present a statement of intention, accompanied by a general storyboard.

We want to start developing a notion of the visual language from the onset. From here, we will look at
any potential scripting needs. This helps us put a basic plot structure in place and allows us to identify
the props and materials we may need for the shoot.



In all marketing for automotive video production industry objectives, location is paramount. Is a static location required? Or, perhaps a studio? If we’re looking at shooting on public roads, we’ll need to consider whether we’ll have to close them or whether we’ll be able to work within safe parameters.

As we decide on a location, we’ll want to ensure the accessibility of essential facilities like toilets, food establishments, fuel stations, or EV chargers if we’re filming an electric car.

These considerations might require us to book additional locations, obtain permits and so on. We are an automotive marketing company that will deal with this legwork for you.


With the right locations secured, the next consideration should be looking at talent. Do you have internal product experts that can be utilised? Do you need someone fitting a certain brief?

As a leading video production agency, we are able to examine all the options at hand and advise you accordingly.

For example, something like a vehicle demonstration, utilising an internal resource may save you money and possess a more thorough knowledge of the Vehicle. However, despite their expertise, if the video requires any element of acting, you’ll probably want to look at hiring talent.

We pride ourselves in standing out amongst automotive digital marketing agencies, for our ability to help you weigh up your options and determine the best possible solution for the project.


To capture footage of vehicles in motion it’s essential to ensure you have someone competent behind the wheel. Someone with knowledge of the vehicle and maybe even professional driving experience, not just someone with a licence.

While every video-making scenario is situation-specific, we are able to consult in depth with you about what’s best for the safety and success of the shoot.

As an advantage to clients, our internal team at DriveTribe is composed of several highly experienced road and track drivers.

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Once pre-production is complete, then comes the shoot where specific team members will be carrying out specific tasks, all in accordance with our meticulously planned schedule.

That said, even with the best plans, we recognise that some occurrences may be out of anyone’s control. Perhaps the talent is held up due to a train cancellation, or maybe a car was inadvertently damaged in transport.

When challenging or unforeseen circumstances arise, our well-connected production collaborators have the ability to think on their feet, and resolve or work around these unforeseen circumstances.

We have been in the game for a while, and we’ve encountered our fair share of setbacks. That said, none that we haven’t been able to overcome or work around to the satisfaction of our team and our clients.


Maybe you want to be intimately involved in the production details, or maybe you prefer a more hands-off approach. Either method works for us!

We do prefer having clients onsite and present for the shoot, even if it is just for one of the days. This gives you a sense of our work process, allows everyone an opportunity to interface in real-time, and helps us develop the brand’s personality alongside you. We value instant feedback and direct communication.


With shooting over, it’s time for post-production.

We will agree on a timeline with you taking into account things like a specific go-live date you’re aiming for, or other specific criteria, to make sure we know so we can meet that deadline.

Additionally, we’ll agree on a date for receiving the first draft. Let us know how long you’ll need to send any revision notes back to us, and we’ll then decide on a date to receive the final cut.

In some instances, you may want to request further changes from us, so make sure the project scope accommodates time for additional revisions.

Remember that even small changes require significant time, so whenever possible, it’s always better to deliver your notes in one go.

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Our production team will deliver the first cut pre-colour grade and pre-sound. If you want to see something more finished, you can ask us for these elements to be included as part of the first cut.

Keep in mind that it will take the team longer to get the cut to you with a grade applied, and it can slow the editing workflow down when it comes to your changes.

This is why we usually encourage clients to view a first cut that gives them the general layout initially. Once we receive sign off on this early version, we can add colour and master the audio for the final cut.


Think about your formatting requirements ahead of time.

For instance, you may want the main feature in 16×9, along with a couple of shorter cut-downs for TikTok or Instagram reels, as part of your automotive digital marketing strategy. It’s useful to know ahead of time where the content is going and what you will need.


Once you know where you want to display your content, you can develop a distribution strategy. Automotive internet marketing and automotive social media marketing present varied demands depending on the platform and campaign. Consider the platforms you may want to post to.

These might include your own social channels, website or a television advertisement. We are proud to be an automotive video production agency that specialise in both marketing and production.

We can help you optimise your content for particular social channels and maximise the number of views. We also have great relationships with many brands and automotive platforms that can raise awareness of your brand outside of your direct company network.

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It’s well known that the Video production industry can be, well, a bit fluffy. What do we mean by this? People want so badly to be seen in the “right” locations, with the “right” cameras, using the “right” jargon. Don’t be drawn in by the artifice.

We concentrate on qualitative automotive content. We do not get involved in kit theatre. We focus our attention on using the right tools for the job and extracting the most from them. Just take a look at our showreel or view any of our sample work. We remain strongly focused on the end result.