Centric Creative was born from a desire to do things differently. Tom and Nick founded Centric in 2020 after working in the automotive creative space in varying capacities for a number of years. They were both die hard car enthusiasts, both had an addiction to heading over to the Nurburgring multiple times a year, and they both loved content creation. With them also having worked together for some time, and after they completed one of their biggest challenges to date, they were looking to take on the next one.

Nick and Tom lapping the Nurburgring

Prior to working together, both Tom and Nick had a less traditional start to getting into the creative industry. Tom had a background in Retail Management, and Nick in Product Management for young Tech Firms. However, they both lived and breathed content creation in their spare time. They also both worked in varying freelance capacities in the video production space and always practiced and worked on their craft. They have demonstrated that you don’t ‘have’ to take a traditional path, with a genuine passion coupled with hard work, you can pick up opportunities at any stage


In 2020, they Directed, Produced, Shot and Edited a TV series for ITV4. Having no former experience in delivering content for TV, this was a huge challenge for the entire team, especially on such a shoe string budget! However with a massive team effort from their former agency (Lovecars), they all pulled it together and got the show shot, edited and aired on ITV4.

After the show going live, Tom and Nick were looking for a new challenge, and they decided to start their own Automotive Video Production Agency – Centric Creative. They wanted to change up a few things, approach jobs differently, and really try and push the boundaries of creative. The company was registered in November 2020, and its first official trading day was the 3rd January 2021. It’s a date they remember well, if it wasn’t nerve wracking enough, that evening lockdown 3.0 was announced, ‘oh shit’.

BTS of Lamborghini Huracan Evo Shoot for 'On The Road'

At that point it was a slight state of panic, but they were already in this. They had sought out a very small investment to get them started and cover a couple of months (less than minimum wage) salary. It really was time to get their heads down and crack on. In a relatively short time they managed to onboard a few small clients, most of which had reasonably regular content requirements which enabled them to get the wheels in motion. They also continued to help out their former agency who they still work alongside to this day on a variety of projects.

BTS of Richard Hammond XK150 Shoot

Before too long, their client list grew beyond their capacity and that’s where they had to look at taking on their first employees. The company was maturing, the initial investor was bought out and the company still continues to re-invest its money in new equipment, software and people. In such a competitive space, we have to continuously be at the forefront of quality and efficiency to ensure we remain a challenger.

It’s not all been positive by any means and the company has faced challenges during it’s journey. We will look to share more on some of the challenges the company has faced, as well as some wins in future articles.

Let’s hope this journey can help inspire others looking to take a leap in to this space, and if there is anything specific you would like covered in further articles please write it in the comments below.