DriveTribe, one of the largest automotive social channels, proudly announces the renewal and extension of its partnership with Gtechniq , a leading provider of premium ceramic coating and car care products, for the fourth consecutive year.

Through combining DriveTribe’s vibrant online platforms and large social media following with Gtechniq’s state-of-the-art car care solutions, the partnership has consistently delivered valuable, entertaining video content, and engaging social posts to millions of automotive enthusiasts worldwide. In 2023 alone, the collaboration generated over 3.1 million plays and delivered over 28 million impressions across various video and social platforms. In addition to the partnerships online content, Gtechniq’s involvement in sponsoring the “Show and Shine” competition at the inaugural DriveTribe Live event, in 2023, proved highly successful, further bolstering brand awareness and lead generation.

GTechniq Press release

“We are thrilled to extend our partnership with Gtechniq for the fourth consecutive year,” said Dave Murdoch, Manager Director of DriveTribe. “Together, we have created a dynamic synergy that resonates with our community’s passion for automotive excellence. By continuing to collaborate with Gtechniq, we remain committed to delivering valuable content and experiences that empower automotive enthusiasts to optimise their vehicle care routines.”

Dominik Berry, Head of Marketing at Gtechniq, commented:

“Gtechniq are proud to renew their partnership with DriveTribe for another year. This collaboration has been instrumental in connecting our brand with a global community of automotive enthusiasts who share our commitment to excellence and innovation in car care. We look forward to continuing to provide DriveTribe members with access to our premium products and expertise, enhancing their ownership experience and passion for all things automotive.”

Looking ahead to the 2024 partnership, DriveTribe and Gtechniq plan to enhance their online presence through compelling video content and social posts showcasing the application of Gtechniq’s premium products on everyday and luxury cars, including those owned by Richard Hammond. Building on the success of previous events, Gtechniq will return as a sponsor for the “Show and Shine” competition at the upcoming DriveTribe Live Event scheduled for June 23, 2024, at Haynes Motor Museum.

Gtechniq press release

The Gtechniq video integrations and social posts can be seen on DriveTribe’s YouTube, Instagram and Facebook, with their 2024 partnership posts being released in the coming months. If you would like more information on the DriveTribe Event, at Haynes Motor Museum, or would like to avail of DriveTribe’s bespoke marketing and best in class video production team, visit our website to find out how to get in touch with the team.