LIQUI MOLY, the popular German market specialists in motor oils, additives and car care, has extended its partnership with DriveTribe for another year. LIQUI MOLY being Germany’s most popular brand of motor oil is recognised for winning awards such as, “TOP BRAND ” or “BEST BRAND” in car lubricants, reflecting the excellent reputation among both experts and consumers in the automotive industry. This extension will take the relationship between both DriveTribe and LIQUI MOLY to a total of 4 years in length.

DriveTribe, being one of the leading automotive social channels, with over 10 million followers across social platforms, are focused on creating content increasing LIQUI MOLY’s brand awareness across the automotive industry. In 2023, the content generated for LIQUI MOLY by DriveTribe, across various video and social platforms, received an excess of 7.1 million plays and an excess of 76.1 million total impressions across all DriveTribe platforms. 


Of the successful relationship to date, DriveTribe’s Managing Director Dave Murdoch said:

 “This partnership really demonstrates the capabilities of our team, and what we can do for our partners. The content that we produce is about more than just achieving views; it’s about keeping the content engaging and relevant to our partners’ products and services. We’re glad to continue to create engaging content which strives to support our partners and our broader channel offering.”

Sina Ataei, Head of International Media Relations, commented: 

 “After our third successful year with DriveTribe, and our ground-breaking levels of engagement in 2023, we’re delighted to extend for another year. DriveTribe is the right partner to showcase our various products and services across the globe. Our reach and following online has grown immensely over the past three years through this partnership with DriveTribe and we look forward to the rest of our ongoing relationship with the team!”

The 2024 partnership between DriveTribe and LIQUI MOLY will see the brand being featured in DriveTribe’s upcoming content on Izzy Hammond’s engineering education. This upcoming content will focus on providing real-life problem scenarios that every car consumer will endure, and how they can be resolved by LIQUI MOLY’s innovative products. 

The partnership will also see LIQUI MOLY  sponsoring DriveTribe’s iconic influencer Go-Karting course, at the upcoming DriveTribe Live Event, due to be held at Haynes Motor Museum on 23 June 2024.

LIQUI MOLY Izzy mechanic

The LIQUI MOLY  video integrations and social posts can be seen on DriveTribe’s YouTube, Instagram and Facebook, with their 2024 partnership posts being released in the coming months. If you would like more information on the DriveTribe Event, at Haynes Motor Museum, or would like to avail of DriveTribe’s bespoke marketing and best in class video production team, visit our website to find out how to get in touch with the team.