Like many other businesses, having a van has become essential for us. As we have grown, so has the amount, and the size of the kit we have! Being able to transport everything, as well as the crew, has made having a van a complete necessity.

Our work has us traveling all over the UK and into Europe very frequently. We got by for a long while using an SUV and we used to just hire a Van when needed. With the level of production constantly on the rise, the jobs have demanded more and more kit which had us renting Vans more often, and making the crew SUV somewhat redundant. With this in mind we sought out a more permanent solution.

“There is something about Vans”

As other car enthusiasts would probably agree, there is something about Vans. I think we all have a slight soft spot for them, and most of us just love the way they drive. Now imagine a Van that looks as sporty and exciting as some of our favourite cars. You end up with the MS-RT Transit Custom! Over the last six months, we’ve been extremely lucky to have been loaned one from the Ford and MS-RT team which has been a godsend. And now that we’ve had the van for some time, we thought we would give it a review.

There’s no doubt that the whole team loves the van. In fact it isn’t just the team, our clients love it too! From a practical point of view, it caters to all our needs. It can transport a huge amount of kit in the back, as well as six crew members with ease. The van produces a healthy 185bhp from its 2.0L diesel engine, so even when fully loaded, it still pulls well and feels sporty. It has no issues setting the pace when we perform our tracking runs either, although we do advise having some weight in the back for this!

It also fits in with all the shoots we go on, always adding a touch of colour to wherever we go. Vans are typically classless, they never seem out of place. The MS-RT Custom goes one step further in standing out in its own way, yet fitting in with any sports or supercar we may be featuring. It always looks like it is meant to be. As an automotive video company, it’s great to receive compliments on the van whilst filming. Our MD did admit he would’ve preferred the van to have been grey, however, he has grown to love the blue, with the addition of the vibrant orange sticker pack.

Comfort is key when traveling miles up and down the country and the MS-RT does not disappoint. It features heated seats, auto lights and wipers, CarPlay, adaptive cruise control, the list goes on. It’s easy to forget you’re in a Van rather than a modern car. We love that we can eat up the miles and get to our destination and all feel completely refreshed once we’ve arrived.

The MSRT has been on many adventures with us already. From shoots over in Wales, many visits to The Smallest Cog in Hereford, a road trip to the Lake District, several shoots in Scotland and even over to Europe visiting the Netherlands and the Bilster Berg in Germany. It hasn’t missed a beat.

The MS-RT Transit Custom, while extremely nice, did always strike us a bit ‘excessive’. I mean who really needs that level of Van, and they are on the higher end of the price scale? But we get it. The Van is completely usable as a ‘Van’, but it gives you all the creature comforts of the best specced cars. Not to mention it does all of this whilst looking absolutely fantastic. Our industry is similar to many in that, well we spend an awful lot of time working! With that in mind, why wouldn’t you go for one of the best tools for the job to take some of the load off.