Behind the scenes of DriveTribe latest feature on a one of one 7.7-litre TVR Cerbera Speed 12. The video has been received well on YouTube, reaching over two million views


The original Speed 12 was built as a race car to take on competitors in the FIA GT1 championship. But after the mighty 911 GT1 was released, the Cerbera could not compete, so TVR made plans to create road-going versions of the Speed 12.

After creating prototypes, TVR boss; Peter Wheeler drove one home and decided they were too wild for road use. As a result, the project was canceled and all road-going Cerbera Speed 12’s were broken for parts for the racing Cerberas.

Fast forward to 2003, TVR revealed that there was one Cerbera Speed 12, made to look like a normal Cerbera, but underneath features completely bespoke GT1 race car engineering. This is the only road legal Cerbera Speed 12 built by the TVR factory… wow!

The team traveled up the country to Blackpool to join Mike at Lawfield and Abbott, TVR specialists.

As a completely unique car, the video details the history of the car and TVR as a company, as well as what features make the 7.7 litre car so special. Mike also goes into detail with the owner about the car and how it came into his possession.  

Static videos always present challenges when it comes to keeping viewers attention. We always look at ways to make the video as dynamic and attention-grabbing as possible. In this instance we created movement in shots, brought in cutaways of old GT1 championship photos, as well as bringing in some creative transitions to give it a bit more punch. We can’t lie, the sound of it also really helped!

DriveTribe fans gathered in the YouTube comments section of the video to compliment the start of the video, which was a seamless transition from the Gran Turismo 4 TVR Cerbera selection gameplay, to the real life TVR Cerbera.

“The entrance made my day!”

“Yeah, it was tight, coming from a longtime GT fan.”

 “When it transitioned from game to real life, my whole body become goosebumps”


“Was just too smooth”