The Power of Instagram Reels

The power of instagram reels

After seeing the success of shorter form video on TikTok and users attention spans decreasing, both Instagram and YouTube responded with their own versions of short form video. YouTube Shorts and Instagram Reels. Both platforms have a similar recipe to TikTok and have proven to be popular. Lots of businesses and brands have adopted Reels and there are many success stories from effective use of this short form video. 


Reels are short, up to 90 second, multi-clip videos which users can add audio, effects, and use a wide range of creative tools to personalise and elevate their video. Reels can be shared with followers and have the potential to be discovered by a huge audience on the Reels and Explore section of the app.

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What are the benefits of creating reels?

Contrary to standard posts, Reels have a number of benefits that are worth considering.

Larger audienceReels have their own section within the Instagram app, this gives even the smaller accounts potential to be seen by a large audience. This in turn can increase reach, engagement, promote growth and drive traffic to your profile.

Hashtags can help with this too. They are used to separate content into niche sections, where users can find content relating to specific interests. For example, the hashtag #photography has over 1,000,000,000 posts.

In contrast, using specific, targeted hashtags can be beneficial too. If users are looking for certain content, they are more likely to come across your posts and as a result, engage with your content.

It is beneficial to have a mix of both popular and specific hashtags. 

In 2022, Instagram Reels had double the engagement rates compared with other post types


If you are a business wishing to promote a product or service, Reels are your secret weapon. Reels make it easy to create shareable, engaging content that will promote your product or service. Think of them like a mini advert. You can actually make them yourself, or it could be a good opportunity to bring in the experts – a suitable production company that can maximise your chances of creating a successful Reel. 


Brand Presence

As social media has seen huge growth over the last ten years, brands and products are becoming prevalent through platforms such as Instagram or TikTok.

With 4.9 billion social media users reported as of 2023, having a presence on these large platforms is vital. It’s both easy, and affordable to reach potential customers and gain traction behind your brand. 

So why Instagram?

It’s an established, extremely popular social media platform with 2 billion monthly users. Couple that with its ease of use, it’s a no-brainer! And why Reels? They are still a relatively new addition to the app, and Instagram are continuing to favour Reel posts within their algorithm.

Talking of the Instagram algorithm, that dreaded word! It’s always challenging keeping up with what will and won’t be successful from one day to the next. However, if you are using their Reels, coupling them with trending audio, effects and use popular and specific hashtags, this will optimise your chances. And finally, consistency is key! Don’t be disheartened if your first Reel doesn’t go viral. Keep posting and you will soon reap the benefits.