DriveTribe specialise in Automotive Content Creation. When it comes to creating content, Automotive is arguably one of the more difficult niches to capture.

It comes with higher risks, a huge number of variables, higher costs, and often lower margins as it’s arguably one of the most competitive spaces. So why did we pick Automotive?

Well to start with, we are all car nuts! When you enjoy and have an interest in the subject matter of what you’re filming, the work somehow becomes less. Yes, it’s difficult, but so is playing some of your favourite video games at a high level, playing your favourite sports etc.

When you are doing something you enjoy, no matter how hard it gets, you find yourself at your best.

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Then there’s the challenge in general, it keeps every day interesting. There is no one size fits all formula within Automotive, every car is unique and offers its own characteristics.

Some may have awkward bodywork that makes it difficult to mount exterior cameras, others may have an alternator that plays havoc with your wireless audio, every car has its own set of quirks.

Cars are also quite big, and they only seem to be getting bigger. Therefore, finding suitable locations that offer both the visual look, but also the space you need to capture them, is also quite a challenge.

They are often quite valuable so ensuring the relevant insurances are in place is important, and filming them in motion can be incredibly dangerous if not done correctly.

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We film a lot of cars on open and closed roads, as well as race circuits. A huge amount of caution needs to be taken in any of these situations as the risks are a lot higher than most other industries.

Cars have the ability to move at significant speeds so it is imperative to put safety at the forefront of any shoot planning. From camera positioning, to ensuring you have the right driver for the planned manoeuvres etc.

We work with some of the most renown Automotive Personalities and Racing Drivers for a lot of our projects, and have processes in place to ensure all scenes are captured safely.

Despite all of the difficulties that come with filming Automotive, it’s certainly one of the more popular industries for Video Production Companies and Freelancers. It creates a lot of noise in the space, and makes it harder for companies to find the right Freelancer or Video Production Agency. Subsequently, it can make it harder to stand out as an Agency or a Freelancer. That’s why we let our work do the talking.

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If you are in the market for Video Production for your Automotive brand, be sure check out your chosen Production Agency’s showreel and example work.

If you would like to find out more about our enthusiastic team and offering, please take a look at our services page here.

If you are an Agency or Freelancer, make sure your portfolio / showreel stands out.

Chances are that showreel you put together back in 2018 doesn’t cut it any more. You would have come a long way since then, so make sure you are showing prospective clients what you can do!