Working with the guys at Lovecars, we helped put together a couple of short videos to help explain both the buying and selling process for their new platform. With a carefully crafted script, one of our favourite automotive presenters, Alex Legouix, and a selection of stunning prestige cars. We were able to bring it all together for these two short informative videos.

As wonderful as the LFA, SLR, 8C and F40 are, shooting cars static and keeping the video dynamic is not always an easy task. As such we were able to both incorporate an element of light painting to issue an early wow factor, as well as capturing interesting angles and detail shots of the cars to maintain attention for as long as possible.

Having Alex moving for some of her pieces to cam, as well as mixing up the location also helps keep the pace and maintain interest. We also had the luxury of some of the dynamic footage captured by Lovecars of the F40 which will feature in a future video we are very much looking forwards to seeing!


PaddlUp is a new online car auction house. Another one? I hear you ask.. Well yes this space has certainly grown recently, but PaddlUp offer a host of USPs which really do make them stand out from their competitors.

A few stand out points include having a physical location for the cars being auctioned, the ability to accept crypto currency as well as the extensive lengths they have gone to in order to protect both sellers and buyers.