We had the exciting opportunity to edit the footage of James May’s car reveal for our friends at DriveTribe. They intended on also capturing the first drive which didn’t go to plan due to London traffic.

As such, they shot a separate video of the first drive which we were also privileged enough to cut together for them…

Editing footage you didn’t capture certainly comes with some challenges. Not knowing what you have and needing to rift through all of the rushes. Trying to get a sense of the vibe and atmosphere of the day from the rushes and then piecing a story together from it.

Fortunately we had some great editor notes to work from to ensure the structure, and we were given creative freedom. Having done a few jobs for DriveTribe previously, we already have a good sense to their style which we work towards.


Not only is it great working with the DriveTribe team, they also have a huge following and their content regularly hits hundreds of thousands, and even millions of views. So with a topic such as James May getting a new car, it certainly had potential to hit huge numbers, which it did!

The initial video got a lot of press coverage, especially given the nature of the hydrogen topic it covers. With so much initial traction the video quickly hit the YouTube trending and reached number 5.

Subsequently, the video hit over 1 million views in just a few days. If that wasn’t enough, the second video with the first drive followed the same trajectory and again hit YouTube trending.

This was such an incredible result for the whole team, and an honour for us. Be sure to check out both videos if you haven’t already.


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